We fortify European PropTechs, forging tomorrow’s radically changing real estate industry


The modern property mantra is no longer
‘location, location, location’,
but ‘location, experience, analytics’

The real estate and construction industry are the largest asset classes globally, but at the same time they are amongst the least digitized sectors in the world. They constitute one of the most conservative industries and lag behind other – very strongly linked – industries such as finance and insurance, in terms of speed, cost-efficiency, customer experience and transparency.

PropTech is the digitized and innovation-focused transformation of the ‘built world’ value chain, changing the way we research, design, finance, buy, market, build, rent, sell, manage, operate and experience property.

The entire real estate value chain will be disrupted by emerging technology breakthroughs combined with the extremely high user connectivity thanks to omnipresent mobile devices.

This is accelerated even further by several external factors converging at this point in time. This disruptive transformation is going to have a massive impact on the entire real estate and construction industry, similar to the impact FinTech has had on the traditional finance industry.

Large & conservative real estate market

& innovation

Environmental, societal & demographic shifts


A PropTech investor with a thorough understanding of the real estate industry and a pan-European network

AMAVI is amongst the first movers and one of the very few later-stage investors focusing solely on this segment in Europe. AMAVI is a fully independent investment vehicle with a European network, established to support growth of the leading and most promising scale-ups active in the PropTech industry.

AMAVI’s main distinctive characteristic is its thorough understanding of the real estate industry.

This provides a unique comprehension of what it really takes to disrupt the largest asset class in the world. This primary touchpoint is crucial to having first-hand insight into the industry pain-points, a clear understanding of the key decision makers in the real estate value chain and a direct access to active real estate professionals in all real estate market segments across Europe.

In-depth knowledge of the real estate industry

Pan-european real estate network

complementary team of founders



Conceived by the coming together of real estate experts, technology specialists and private equity professionals

The unique combination of profound knowledge and understanding of the three key industries, the innovative vision AMAVI holds in terms of implementing technology and new concepts within the real estate industry, combined with an extensive professional network at the intersection of these three segments, puts AMAVI in an exceptional position to tackle this gigantic opportunity.

Arne Allewaert

\ Managing Partner

Frederic Van den Weghe

\ Managing Partner

Jonas Dhaenens

\ Founding Partner

Paul Thiers

\ Founding Partner

Kristof Vanfleteren

\ Founding Partner

Davy Demuynck

\ Founding Partner

\ Henry Ford \


Bridging the traditional real estate industry and the consolidating European PropTech sector

AMAVI aims to create a bridge between the traditional real estate industry and the most groundbreaking European PropTech scale-ups. We partner with the world-shapers, creating companies that radically change the places we live, work and relax in today.

On the one hand, we offer our real estate network the opportunity to experience the pulse of the next generation real estate industry from the first row and to fully grasp the business opportunities that arise from it.

On the other hand, we offer our PropTech companies deep industry expertise from all real estate subsectors out of different geographies and a broad array of distribution channels all over Europe, in order to successfully scale the company to the next level.

Create a PropTech ecosystem

Drive consolidation in the growing PropTech market

Leverage on a broad co-investor network






\ Thomas Edison \

Team reinforcement

22 November 2021

Last week, we were honored to welcome Laurens Vanryckeghem as Investment Manager to the team! Laurens brings a wealth of experience from the PropTech and real estate space. He previously initiated the…

YouStock raises €3.7 million to speed up the digitalisation of storage for individuals

19 November 2021

YouStock announces a new funding round of €3.7 million led by AMAVI Capital, a fund specialising in European PropTech, Région Sud Investissement and the Business Angel Jean-Luc Haddad, founder and…

CASAFARI secures $135 million to expand its innovative Real Estate platform across Europe

8 July 2021

CASAFARI, Europe’s largest independent real estate network connecting more than 15,000 real estate professionals to 95 million property listings, has secured $120 million to build a portfolio of residential and…


31 May 2021

AMAVI Capital is the no. 1 PropTech investor in the Benelux and one of the few later-stage investors focusing solely on PropTech in Europe. AMAVI is a fully independent investment…

Investment platform AMAVI Capital launches pan-European PropTech fund of EUR 60 million

7 May 2021

First capital round successfully completed with private and real estate investors  Investment platform AMAVI Capital has raised more than EUR 30 million from both private and real estate linked investors…

Finch Buildings joins AMAVI Capital for accelerated growth

17 March 2021

AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam [March 17th] — With the registration of the shares, it is officially confirmed: the Belgian AMAVI Capital and the Dutch company FinchBuildings are starting a close cooperation.…

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