Finch Buildings joins AMAVI Capital for accelerated growth

AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam [March 17th] — With the registration of the shares, it is officially confirmed: the Belgian AMAVI Capital and the Dutch company FinchBuildings are starting a close cooperation. With this deal AMAVI offers the Dutch company Finch Buildings the opportunity to switch from linear to exponential growth

Circular Disruption in Construction

The real estate sector can operate with more efficiency and in faster ways due to the smooth adoption of technology and innovation. AMAVI’s investment in Finch Buildings fits perfectly in the Belgian company’s strategy. Finch Buildings is a disruptor in the conservative construction sector. The new platform of the innovative company gives substance to a new reality: to build circular, off-site and CO2-positive. 

In Europe, the construction sector is responsible for 36% of the CO2 ’s emissions. Half of the raw materials that arrive at the construction site are thrown away and an average of one-third of the tasks must be carried out again. Finch’s modular buildings are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, ensuring delivery on time, on budget and error-free. Finch Buildings has developed a platform: a library of standard components by which buildings can be ‘composed’. This eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel with each new construction project.

At the same time, Finch’s system gives a lot of architectural freedom, but always starts from a number of standardized components. Finch’s modules are made of solid wood (CLT or “Cross Laminated Timber”). This material is entirely renewable and circular and creates a healthy living environment for its users. In the Netherlands, the modules are assembled by De Groot Vroomshoop, member of Volker Wessels. The projects that are built with the Finch modules are multi-storey buildings such as apartment buildings, office buildings or hotels. At this moment, the system has allowed to develop buildings up to sixteen storeys high. In the Netherlands Finch Buildings has realized about 1,000 modules including those scheduled for 2021.


The Amsterdam-based Finch Buildings has been ahead of the market with its modular and circular platform established in 2014. Together with AMAVI, the scale-up organization is now accelerating the development of its platform and is therefore in the lead as a company building with wood. The innovations and technology developed by Finch Buildings are available to architects and developers and can therefore be adopted by the market more quickly. In this way, Finch Buildings is contributing to the shift towards sustainable building as commonplace. A goal that is inherent in Finch Buildings’ DNA.

Growth capital for Finch Buildings

Amavi’s investment offers Finch Buildings not only the possibility to accelerated investments in the Finch Platform, but also to build a network to be able to operate outside of the Netherlands. Serving the Belgian market – in which circular building is now high on the agenda – is a first step towards internationalization. 

Jurrian Knijtijzer, founder of Finch Buildings, is excited about this next step: “AMAVI Capital offers Finch Buildings more than an investment. It is a partner that actively participates and shares its network. We look forward to working with them to increase our impact. The time of pioneering is behind us, now we are going to scale up.”

Frederic Van den Weghe, managing partner of AMAVI, adds: ‘There is more concrete mass than biomass in this world and Finch Buildings wants to change this: the concept of Finch’s system with solid wood is highly scalable and provides answers to the growing need for high-quality and sustainable housing, offices, schools and care properties, and thanks to its modular nature, it can be used both temporarily and permanently. 


Finch Buildings is first looking at projects in Belgium, but also wants to conquer other promising markets such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Per region Finch Buildings will source contractors and partners to manufacture the modules.

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About Finch Buildings:

Finch Buildings is working towards a future in which buildings are a solution to the climate problem. Buildings that are developed in a modular way and that can be adapted to their surroundings and circumstances.

With Finch Buildings, sustainable living should be available to everyone. Only then will we be able to make the greatest impact possible: reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, thereby contributing to restoring the balance of the planet. 

About AMAVI Capital

AMAVI is an independent Pan-European investor that was established to support the growth of the most prominent leading and promising companies active in the PropTech sector, focusing geographically on the Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and France.

AMAVI wants to build a bridge between the traditional real estate sector on one hand and the most pioneering European PropTech companies on the other, through its combined expertise and network from the real estate, technology and investment world. AMAVI works with the players who are shaping tomorrow’s real estate world, creating companies that radically transform the places where we live, work and relax today.